What foods are good for a daily diet

By | July 3, 2020

what foods are good for a daily diet

Improving your diet can seem like a lofty goal, one that people often think requires rigid self-discipline and sacrifice. Cupcakes out, pizza out, treats out, sigh. Sometimes making better decisions for your body can be about adding — not taking away. This may create a more palatable option for those looking for a health boost that feels like a bonus, not a burden. But what to add? I asked Teresa Fung, adjunct professor in the department of nutrition at the Harvard T. Chan School of Public Health for her advice on what foods pack the biggest nutritional punch to a daily diet. Below is her list of five well-balanced options that she says you should eat every day — or at least as often as possible. Enough already!

Over the last 15 years she has been a contributing author to a number of nutritional and cookery publications including BBC Good Food. It is also an excellent source of plant-based protein. Try this: For a side dish, halve an avocado, drizzle with soy sauce and fresh lime juice, and sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds. Exercise is an important component of a well-balanced diet and good nutrition. Serve with grilled chicken. Walnuts are a solid source of omega-3 fatty acids—the fats that lower the bad-for-you cholesterol LDL and raise the good-for-you kind HDL. For variety, try a new vegetable each week. The foods at the narrow top are those that should be eaten sparingly, if at all.

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It’s recommended that you eat at least 5 portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables every day. The same amount of blueberries has half the fiber 4 grams, but is packed with anthocyanins, antioxidants that may help keep memory sharp as you age. If you’re not active, you calorie needs drop by to calories a day.

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