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New Study Shows Disturbing Amounts of Plastic in Baby Poop

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Addiction increases chances of COVID breakthrough case, study claims

Loading the player… Though the world has been dealing with the coronavirus pandemic for more than a year, treatment and recovery options are still being unearthed. It’s widely known that certain underlying health conditions increase one’s chances of fighting a bad case of COVID-19; People with asthma, diabetes, obesity or those who’ve have had certain… Read More »

POEMS Electro-Optical Cardiac Stimulator to Study Arrhythmias

At the University of Bern in Switzerland, researchers have developed the Panoramic Opto-Electrical Measurement and Stimulation (POEMS) system, which allows them to conduct advanced optogenetic experiments with mouse hearts. The device, which contains a volume into which a mouse heart can be placed, lets the Swiss team stimulate various cell types using light, and then… Read More »

‘COVID toe’ a result of body’s misplaced effort to contain coronavirus: study

Breadcrumb Trail Links World News Health and Wellness Health Those with the disease may not exhibit its typical symptoms so connection to virus may be overlooked Author of the article: Shari Kulha Publishing date: Oct 06, 2021  •  1 day ago  •  2 minute read  •  22 Comments “COVID toe” looks like chilblains, which happen as… Read More »