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Doctors use Trojan horse drug to trick cancer cells while ignoring healthy ones

Truly there’s no end to the ­cleverness of our scientists. ­Researchers at Edinburgh ­University have come up with a way to carry a drug directly into ­cancer cells. But only cancer cells – healthy ones remain untouched. They have likened the light-­activated drug to a Trojan horse that can enter and kill cancer and bacterial… Read More »

Is Soreen Healthy?

Soreen has been a popular snack since its invention in 1938. Although advertised as being “full of energy”, we know that this doesn’t necessarily mean it is healthy. As a result, we researched whether Soreen malt loaf is bad or good for you. See what we discovered below. Soreen Malt Loaf Ingredients Soreen is a malted loaf made… Read More »