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‘Fittest man in the world’ Dean Karnazes reveals his secrets: Paleo diet, seven-hours’ sleep, a standing desk and strong friendships

On his 30th birthday Dean Karnazes and his friends started celebrating with beers and moved on to tequila shots. Nothing too unusual there. Perhaps more unusual was that the night ended with him steaming drunk, running through the streets in his underpants. Uniquely, however, that birthday run lasted for 48 kilometres and seven-and-a-half hours. It… Read More »

Can diet cause essential tremors

Essential Tremor ET occurs as a result of abnormal brain signals in the areas related to movement and motor control. However, no one knows what triggers dysfunctional signals to begin with. In about half of cases there is a family history, suggesting an inherited genetic mutation. However, for those with no family history, there are… Read More »

How i lost leg fat vegetarian diet

Often, we drink our calories in sugary beverages that have no nutritional value. Water is essential for life. Claims on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA. Today’s Top Stories. It also allows you to stick to your diet and save time during a hectic week. Belly Fat Loss. Belly Fat. I know,… Read More »