Raw food diet testimonials you tube

By | February 21, 2021

raw food diet testimonials you tube

Nicholas Perry, known as Nikocado Avocado to his 3 million YouTube subscribers, has made a name for himself in the extreme-eating vlogger community. Since , Perry’s consumption of entire fast-food menus often accompanied by his pet parrot has captured the rapt attention of a YouTube audience. Earlier this year, the year-old, who posts a video almost every day, garnered attention for his months-long feud with fellow YouTubers who accused him of abusive behavior during a collaboration video. Perry’s controversial response videos in the wake of the accusation had subscribers — and an entire YouTube community — concerned. Since the public feud took over YouTube, Perry has continued to post videos that fans are calling “scary,” and some are worried about Perry’s mental health. The vlogger told YouTuber Trisha Paytas that he learned of his adoption early on and struggled to make sense of his biological parents’ decision. As a result, he said he acted out and received mental health interventions as a child. Perry also told Paytas that he’d been prescribed antidepressants when he was 7 years old. On Paytas’ podcast, the vlogger opened up about his pre-YouTube career working as a freelance violinist. Living in New York at age 21, Perry had dreams of playing in the pit orchestra for a Broadway show.

You can see from the first photo that she has a full rounder face and much more weight even as a vegan. After the program, Rosanne became a high raw food eater, eating simply of leafy greens, fruits and vegetables and all whole plant foods, and made an extremely impressive transformation that you can see clearly in the second photo of her below! I began the raw food coaching and I love it. But once I found Karen, who makes it seem so easy and it is easy, and delicious, I have been doing this since June and I have lost quite a bit of weight. I have felt so much healthier and alive and vibrant, and awake. I am sleeping much better, I was having issues with sleep and went for studies for sleep apnea, and once I started doing raw food, all of that went away. So, thank you Karen! Since I started raw food, I have lost 18 pounds in a little less than two months. I feel great, and it is extremely beneficial to my family including my 18 month- old daughter. It has been a phenomenal experience and it has been a great learning opportunity with Karen.

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Last March, vegan YouTuber Yovana Mendoza posted a video on her channel, Rawvana, that rocked her followers to their cores. She had garnered nearly two million subscribers for her raw vegan diet content, but had recently been spotted with a plate of fish and called out for her ostensible hypocrisy. Her followers were unsympathetic. Others plastered the comments section of her Instagram posts with an unending torrent of fish emoji. Mendoza was just one case in a bona fide trend of vegan influencers giving up the faith. In January , Bonny Rebecca and Stella Rae both released videos announcing their departure from eating entirely plant-based. In April, longtime-vegan food blogger Minimalist Baker told her 1. And Mendoza wasn’t the only one to receive hateful remarks and cries of hypocrisy after being exposed for daring to eat meat. Commenters, as well as fellow vegan YouTubers, raced to condemn all of these bloggers for straying from their beliefs. How about a video where you explain precisely what is in chicken periods and dead fish that is going to make your health problems disappear???

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