When to fast for weight loss

Finding yourself confused by the seemingly endless promotion of weight-loss strategies and diet plans? In this series, we take a look at some popular diets—and review the research behind them. Intermittent fasting is a diet regimen that cycles between brief periods of fasting, with either no food or significant calorie reduction, and periods of unrestricted… Read More »

The low carb diet macros

Yes, Please No Thanks. Get Daily Fitness Inspiration Right in your inbox. So, if you’re eating 1, calories per day, should come from carbs, from fat, and from protein. There’s no skirting counting calories when you’re trying to lose weight, but if you choose to go low-carb, you’ll need to calculate your macros, too. PeerJ… Read More »

Baby food diet how long for results

Or is it…? In fact, eating baby food is just like any other crazy celebrity diet. So, being the food purist I am, I thought it would be a pretty great idea to try it out. Mushed food, here I come. The choices are endless. Should I try the classic Gerber Baby cuisine? Or should… Read More »

Can i drink diet soda after tooth extraction

Ask doctors free. Top answers from doctors based on your search. Soon: After the local anesthesia wears off i recommend non-diet sodas: the carbonation settles the stomach, and the sugar gives you some energy. No straws Send thanks to the doctor. A Verified Doctor answered. A US doctor answered Learn more. How soon? Keeping your… Read More »