The Beauty of Barre

Do you know what I love about barre? It’s accessible to everyone. With minimal to zero impact on joints, a barre available as a support system and a format that doesn’t have you moving from the floor up to standing constantly, everyone is able to feel confident and successful in a barre class. With that being said,… Read More »

Real Health podcast: The Menstrual Cycle with Dr Caoimhe Hartley, GP & Menopause Specialist

On this week’s show, I’ll be talking about the menstrual cycle. or far too long periods have been a taboo subject. Each month many women are faced with bleeding, severe pain and a litany of menstrual problems. However, with new attitudes, treatments and technological developments things are changing. Joining me to talk about periods, pain… Read More »

Theranos whistleblower testifies blood-test machines were about as accurate as a coin toss

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes arrives at Robert F. Peckham U.S. Courthouse for opening arguments in her trial, in San Jose, California, September 8, 2021. Peter DaSilva | Reuters SAN JOSE, CALIF. – Elizabeth Holmes was the founder and face of Theranos, but when it came to the company’s laboratory, she relied on her highly qualified… Read More »