Armin Tabrizi and Bahadir Bozkurt, The Journey of Them Being Empowered and helping other People Do the same

If you want to take control of your personal, you need an excellent plan, if not you need to leverage those who do, no matter where you are right now. Much like Armin Tabrizi and Bahadir Bozkurt had. These two immigrant youths, 25 and 22, are helping thousands of people find financial freedom! The aim… Read More »

Sharing medical information between EHRs: 4 different approaches

The current COVID pandemic has brought into stark contrast the woeful state of medical data collection and data sharing in the United States. It has been a central goal of Health and Human Services (HHS) to at first encourage and later mandate sharing clinical data across multiple electronic health records. Unfortunately, progress has been slow… Read More »