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People over 50 years old or with existing kidney dysfunction are more likely to get kidney damage when using tenofovir disoproxil-based PrEP

A study published in AIDS found that people who already had some evidence of decreased kidney function on blood tests or who were aged over 50 were significantly more likely to develop kidney impairment when taking tenofovir disoproxil as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). The risk of kidney damage when taking PrEP was found to be low,… Read More »

A Top Trainer Shared a Simple Gym Hack to Help Grow Your Calf Muscles

Forget those tired jokes about skipping leg day; there are plenty of good arguments against neglecting your calf muscles in your workouts that go beyond the aesthetics. Training calves can help improve lower-body power and boost the body’s overall athletic ability, as well as providing strength and stability in the ankles which will stand you… Read More »